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Highlights from the Fathers Fighting for Families March

June 22, 2020

On Sunday, June 21st, the Urban League of Philadelphia brought community members, elected officials, local and national leaders together to march for our fathers and families.  Fathers Fighting for Families was a moment for the Urban League of Philadelphia to walk in solidarity with black fathers and we march against black injustice.


Highlights from the Families Fighting for Families march:

NBC10 Media Coverage – Fathers Fighting for Families

Andrea Custis, Urban League of Philadelphia President and CEO

“They have what I call just pure grit.  And they are the leaders, they make things happen in the community and I need everybody to understand, it is not acceptable, it is not just to make them a target.” CBS3 Philly

Marc Morial, National Urban League President and CEO

“Nearly 200 years after slavery was abolished in the U.S. the promises made in the Constitution’s 13th, 14th and 15th amendments have yet to be fulfilled.  Why are we here in 2020 relitigating, refighting battles which should have ended a long time ago?  I say it is what it is, and it is our charge today to once and for all move this nation in a direction to end institutional racism.” WHYY

Vincent Hughes, PA State Senator

Regarding the weeks of sustained protests will be a transformational moment.  “I’ve got hope.  Even on Father’s Day, when a few dads would like to have a little bit of a break, we’re out here speaking up, speaking out because as fathers, it is our responsibility to never take our foot off the gas.” WHYY

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