Aramark Ignite

The Aramark Ignite Program is funded by Aramark Corporation in an effort to energize the classrooms of City of Philadelphia high schools, thereby increasing the workforce skills, high school graduation rates, and post-secondary success of the participating students.

The Students learn about the Aramark Corporation and post-secondary job opportunities, workforce skills, 21st Century life skills, college preparation skills, career opportunities, etc. via in-school workshops facilitated by ULP Youth Education staff and featuring Aramark employees and other professionals as guest speakers.

The ultimate goal of the program is to enhance the economic outlook of the student’s future. This program connects several of Aramark’s Philadelphia higher education and healthcare partners with community-based organizations, led by the Urban League of Philadelphia, in an effort to create a high school-based enrichment program focused on career exposure to the food services and facility management industries, mentoring and 21st Century skill building.

Additionally, the engagement of students from Aramark’s higher education partners, Drexel University and St. Joseph’s University allow current college students to gain an understanding of the employment opportunities at Aramark and direct access to Aramark’s post-graduate employment programs.