Out4Good is an intensive 4-week long program that fully reintegrates individuals with criminal records into the economic and social mainstream, for good. Out4Good stabilizes returning citizens through job training and employment opportunities, intensive case management, and peer-to-peer supportive services.  Out4Good builds upon local and national movements to address the pervasive threats – both social and economic – posed by mass incarceration, and seeks to offer evidence-based solutions to reconnect individuals to gainful employment, and fully reintegrate into society.    

Why is Out4Good unique? 

Out4Good recognizes that reintegration is often stymied by a wide range of structural and interpersonal challenges – that is why Out4Good is intentionally designed to incorporate workforce development and reentry best practices, including 1) holistic, social-emotional coaching and cognitive behavioral therapy to retool negative mindsets; 2) responsive, real-time financial supports for critical job readiness assets like credentialing; work uniforms; or down payments for affordable apartments; and 3) quality job opportunities with partner employers

To learn more about the Out4Good program and our reentry work, contact our Director of Reentry Services, Dennis Nicholson at dnicholson@urbanleaguephila.org.